Sculpture Park at Eagle Mountain

The Sculpture Park at Eagle Mountain has been designed to include several miles of walking trails alongside the streams and waterfalls on the property. Our goal is to place 75 outdoor sculptures, numerous fire pits and an abundance of picnic tables throughout the sculpture park. We will predominately feature sculptors from the South to promote their artistic talent.

Sculptors that currently have their artwork on display include:

Bob Doster

Robert Doster

Tim Charbodijan

Tim Chorbadjian

Hossain Amiadi

Hossain Amjadi

Christopher Solbert

Christopher Solbert

Artists that have artwork on display in the winery’s tasting room include:

The Sculpture Park at Eagle Mountain located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains provides an escape from the city with acres of nature, wildlife and picturesque views. Note that to maintain the rural, natural habitat for the wildlife (black bears, deer, wild turkey, raccoons, and snakes) in the area pets & bikes are not allowed.

The park is free and open from noon to 6:00 PM daily (except Thanksgiving and Christmas).

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